Therapy Services

Tackling Your Issues

Your Way

For me to truly be able to facilitate your healing and growth, our sessions need to be done in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable.

Whether that’s…

  • The more traditional, face-to-face session located in my office
  • From the comfort of your own home, through a Zoom call
  • Outside, exploring green spaces in Liverpool and doing some ecotherapy

… we’ll tackle your issues your way. 

Rachel Button

Counselling and Psychotherapy Sessions

My face-to-face sessions can cover both counselling and psychotherapy.

As a counsellor, I’ll work with you to unpack issues that are happening in the here and now. We’ll work with conscious processes and thoughts to help you deal with an issue you’re facing in the present.

For more long-term or recurring problems, I offer psychotherapy sessions.

As a psychotherapist, we delve deeper, inspecting your subconscious and unconscious thoughts and processes to deal with issues that may be rooted in your past. We look at the ‘then’ and the ‘now’, doing an in-depth analysis to uncover the root of the problem and work through it.

Online Sessions

All counselling and psychotherapy sessions can be done online via Zoom. Just tell me your preference when you get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Eco Therapy

In my own experience, I’ve found ecotherapy to be hugely beneficial for my mental health. I love to spend my free time hiking and getting out in nature to clear my mind. 

That’s why I offer eco-therapy sessions to help others overcome their own issues. 

There’s a growing amount of research that highlights the benefits of connecting with nature and interacting with our natural environment. Things like taking a walk through a green space, hearing nature sounds or even just glimpsing nature through a window can improve people’s mental state.

My eco-therapy sessions cost £50 for one hour-long session, although this may be extended by negotiation. 

These sessions take place in the festival gardens, which have access to woodland, ponds, covered areas and the promenade along the river. It’s a great place to take in our surroundings, destress and connect with nature.

How the session goes is up to you. We can either ‘walk and talk’, or incorporate the space itself into the work. For instance, some examples of previous sessions involve: 

  • Discussing why leaves were dropping from the trees, and examining what the client could drop and focus their energies on instead. 
  • Observing worker bees, and using that to fuel discussion about why the client works so hard and what it will take for them to rest and recuperate. 
  • Experiencing the effects of a windy day, and comparing that with how the client feels “battered” and overwhelmed by life’s demands. 

As this is a public space, complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. However, we can come up with a plan for what we would do if people are walking nearby or we bump into someone you know.